How to be on the Golf Team

I can’t remember exactly why I created this list, but I do know that I sent it to all of the girls on the team when they traveled to their first-ever golf tournament. You’re probably like well doesn’t everyone travel? No. Only the top seven or eight travel and when it’s a two-day tournament we sometimes only take six, seven at most if we have room. 

But back to the list below. Why exactly I made it to send to them? I wish I could tell you the exact reason. I kind of remember a few of the girls that hadn’t ever traveled not knowing what to bring, expect, etc. for their first tournament so I think that’s the reason why but honestly who knows. I do know this list was to make sure those freshmen and others on the team never stuck out at tournaments and so that they knew our “rules” of how to properly be on the golf team. So please enjoy the “rules” of how to be on the golf team: 

  • Wear sandals to golf tournaments or bring extra socks
  • Eat snacks when stressed or anytime
  • ALWAYS grab extra suckers, mints or anything restaurants give out for free
  • If a place has free bread you ALWAYS get some to go. 
    • Always ask for more bread even if you don’t want it 
  • Give yourself stars for other things when having a bad day (examples: sand traps, hitting trees, water, etc.) 
  • If it’s going rain be sure to bring a T-shirt to change into after the meet. You never know when it’s going to a torrential downpour and soak you)
  • If you like to nap in the van be sure to bring a pillow and or blanket for long van rides 
  • Always have your rain gear in your bag along with ear warmers. You never know when it is going to rain or become super cold 
  • Always be friendly to who you’re playing with unless they’re mean then kill them with kindness 
  • ALWAYS… beat College of Saint Mary if you’re playing with them (they’re our friends we just like to beat them)
  • When traveling to two-day tournaments pack:
    • both uniforms and an extra skort just in case, be prepared for all kinds of weather (rain, snow, hail, etc.), so bring pants and a pullover Incase weather changes overnight, bring clothes for going out to dinner (T-shirt and shorts), PJs or whatever you sleep in, your medication (if you’re on any), snacks, toiletries, a pillow and blanket if you a picky bitch and don’t like using hotel things, homework (but make sure you only pack one bag cause we DON’T have room in the van for 2), swimsuit cause there’s usually always a pool 🏊🏼‍♀️, extra spending money just in case, and most importantly chargers 🔌 and headphones 
  • ALWAYS write down anything funny anyone on the team says
  • Remember if you’re of age and going to have a drink during golf season you can only have 1 so choose wisely (ex: a pitcher, fishbowl or bottle counts as 1 if you do not pour it into anything)  
  • If you’re on your phone a lot in the car bring a portable or a cable so you can plug it in 
  • And lastly, HAVE FUN 

What “rules” do you have for when traveling for golf? Or what hidden rules does your team have? Let me know in the comments.


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