Welcome to The 19th Hole, a blog all about brews, booze and golf. On this site I will tell you all about my golf experiences throughout the years, my favorite drinks to enjoy not only during a round but afterward, what it’s like to help run a tournament, craft beer and brewery reviews, PGA tournament recaps and much more!


Hand Sanitizer Brewing

            We all have found out by now that 2020 has come with lots of surprises and lots of who would’ve thunk it moments.  But who would’ve ever thought in a million years that our favorite breweries would be making their own hand sanitizer? Not me that’s for sure. But how cool is it that …


Stephanie Hoshor

Proshop Girl, College Golfer, Titleist University, Golf Enthusiast and avid Beer drinker

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Hi my name is Stephanie, I’m originally from the smalltown of Murray, Nebraska but currently reside in Santa Rosa beach, Florida. As you can tell by the name of my blog two of my favorite hobbies and golfing and enjoying a nice adult beverage, I mean who doesn’t love a good brewery tour. Throughout this blog I’m going to tell you all about my golf “wisdom” and tournament updates as I’ll also be keeping up with all the tour players along with you all, and my favorite drinks. For those that are here just for the golf stay tuned on Sundays and for those that love a good bev stay check in on thirsty Thursdays. If you’re looking to stay update on posts please subscribe bellow or follow me on Twitter.



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